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Our team’s been creating and delivering outstanding events for over 27 years across the UK, Europe and further afield. From humble beginnings of just three people working in a small two room unit we are now based in a perfectly set up premises which comprises of Offices, Studios, Warehouse and Workshop space, set in the picturesque village of Sabden, Lancashire.

We are a family built business that continues to grow with our extended team of dedicated professionals. Supplying a full range of services to cater for every occasion we have a unique business that offers a total in house solution.

Focussing on creative events that deliver required goals and objectives we have the experience and understanding to strategically plan, produce and stage your unique event.

We’d love to show you around and we make a great cuppa! Call us to make an appointment 01282 830219 or send an email to hello@ics-live.com

Our Services

ICS Live is made up of three key areas, ICS Events, ICS Creative and ICS Talent.

Events are where it all started and we produce a wide variety.

Creative is where the magic happens.

Talent brings an event together and creates atmosphere.

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Sales and Hire

Sales and Hire options will be available shortly.

Our People

Speciality is key and at ICS Live we all hold our own unique set of skills which collectively come together in the planning process through to delivery. Project Managers, Booking Agents, Designers, Camera Crew, Carpenters & Technicians style a forward thinking and focussed team.

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